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Our Caviar

From luxurious white sturgeon caviar to classic sevruga and everything in between, Calafia Caviar Company offers a variety of caviar types that will satisfy your taste buds. Our quality and variety are second to none, so explore our collection and find the perfect caviar for you.

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Royal Kaluga

Indulge in the unparalleled taste experience of our premium-grade Kaluga Royal Caviar. Hand-selected exclusively from sustainable sturgeon farms chosen with care by the Calafia Caviar Company, our Kaluga caviar offers an exquisite flavor that is second to none. With its close relation to the prized Beluga caviar, the River Kaluga, from which our caviar is sourced, is the largest freshwater fish on Earth.

Royal Kaluga Classic

Indulge in the timeless allure of Kaluga Classic. Dark, ample grains tantalize the palate with a creamy, buttery essence, perfectly balanced by a subtle saline touch. Each serving is an exploration of flavors, embodying the rich tradition and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Royal Kaluga Special Reserve

Experience the decadence of Kaluga Special Reserve. Harvested from select Kaluga hybrids, these ample beads range from dusky browns to ethereal lights, all carrying a sumptuous buttery taste, heightened by a whisper of salt. This caviar is a bold declaration of elegance and culinary sophistication.

Royal Kaluga Gold

Dive into the exclusive realm of Royal Kaluga Gold. Each roe is a rare gem, light in hue but rich in a buttery, creamy symphony. Savor the large, firm grains that burst with an indulgence akin to a luxurious embrace. This caviar is not just a taste, but a celebration of the extraordinary.

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Russian Osetra

At our Caviar Types selection, we offer the most desirable and luscious caviar in the world: the Russian Osetra. Our Ossetra is carefully selected and hand-packed to ensure you enjoy the finest quality of caviar. With its rich, nutty flavor and golden brown to black range of colors, our caviar will tantalize your senses and leave you craving for more.

Russian Osetra Classic

Russian Osetra Classic offers a harmonious blend of toasted, fruity notes encased in dark, inviting beads. Renowned for its balanced taste, this caviar is a journey through flavors, an ode to the heritage and innovation that define the essence of true caviar artistry.

Russian Osetra Special Reserve

Discover the allure of Osetra Special Reserve. Its light amber beads, medium-to-large in size, are a rare find, coveted for their balanced, nutty taste with a hint of fruitiness. Each serving is an invitation to a culinary journey, one marked by refined tastes and elegant textures.

Russian Osetra Gold

Behold the pinnacle of luxury with Russian Osetra Gold. Medium-to-large golden grains offer a briny richness, creating a tapestry of flavors that linger like a cherished memory. This caviar, born from pristine waters, is a testament to the art of caviar making, and a true culinary marvel.


Siberian Sturgeon

Step into the elegant world of Siberian Sturgeon caviar. Its smaller beads of black or grayish hue unfold a rich, buttery taste with a nutty finale. Each grain is a journey through deep, nuanced flavors, leaving a sophisticated, lingering aftertaste that beckons for more.



Embark on a taste adventure with Amur caviar. Cherished for its walnut-like flavor, each bead shimmers from gold to deep brown, unraveling a complex tapestry of floral, nutty, and buttery notes. The medium-sized grains offer a creamy texture and a bitter-sweet symphony, crafting a lasting impression.

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Salmon Roe

Explore the wild, bursting flavors of Salmon Roe. Harvested from Alaskan Chum, these large, juicy beads are a celebration of the sea, offering a lightly salted, buttery taste that's rich in fish oil. Each bite is an intense, flavorful journey, bringing the essence of the ocean to your palate.

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